TASTE is one of the sponsors of the first exhibition in Spain of Polish-American artist Olek

The opening of the exhibition “SANTA ÁGATHA, LA TORERA”, of Polish-American artist Olek, takes place at DelimboArtspace, Seville on November 7th and TASTE is one of the sponsors. You can visit the exhibition until the first of February.

The work of Olek has been exhibited in galleries, museums and public spaces all over the world and has won numerous prizes. Now, for the first time, Olek is going to exhibit in Spain, so you cannot miss out on this! The exhibition is inspired by Spanish traditions, greek mythology and the story of Santa Ágatha.

You can see her in action today at the Prado de San Sebastián covering the statue of El Cid entirely with crochet! For those who aren’t here today, don’t worry, the statue will remain like this until November 12th.

Here is a picture to lift a tip of the crocheted veil: Olek photographed yesterday by Juan Delgado for the newspaper Diario de Sevilla.

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